Strength Training and Body Composition. What are My Fitness Equipment Options?

What people don’t realize is that strength training done correctly with the correct fitness equipment can be of more benefit to your health and appearance than any amount of cardiovascular training

Commercial Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym. What You Need To Know First!

Considerations Before Purchasing Commercial Exercise Equipment for Home Purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home can be a very daunting task.

How To: Maintain a Group Exercise Bike

Wheather you have a group exercise bike studio or one just for use in your home you can reduce costly repairs and keep your exercise bike looking great for many years. Most of these steps are very basic and in the case of a group exercise room, the instructor can have the participants do most of these steps at the completion of their workout.

The Pros and Cons of Garage vs. Commercial Gyms

If you’re like thousands of folks across the country, the beginning of a new year — and its attendant resolution making — has prompted you to think about joining a gym. Alternatively, maybe you’re contemplating fleeing the new year’s crowds and creating your own gym in the garage. Or, perhaps you’re feeling stuck deciding between these […]