JBF T-Bar Row

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1. Allow for superior pec development

2. Multiple handle positions and converging arm movement

3. Machines feature loading points that are low to the ground.No lifting plates to chest or eye level,thus  helping to avoid the number one cause of gym injuries—dropped weights.

4. Integrated plate storage is standard with smaller diameter,solid steel bars to make it easier and safer to remove/replace plates

5. Upper body units feature independent movement arms and pressing movements with biomechanically  correct converging motion.

6.Pressing motions feature both neutral and pronated grips for more exercise options and accommodation to  certain pathologies

7.Padded oversizes grips make pressing exercises less stressful toi the wrists

8.Smaller grips for pulling exercises for greater comfort when using heavy resistance

9.Non-intimidating design that fits and works for everyone,not just athletes