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We all want to be beach-ready and there are plenty of quick-fix solutions on the market that will get you there. But when it comes to systems that go beyond the surface and are uniquely designed to offer the deep-level core strengthening and toning that is the foundation of innovation and true fitness, no other product takes the dread out of a core workout.


With CrunchPunch, you can obtain a toned body and the workout goes deeper and is a unique social experience that delivers a high intensity, total body workout geared toward building a founda5on of las5ng, meaningful fitness.


The CrunchPunch system comes in a commercial and residential style unit. This is not just one of the most stress-relieving fun core workout devices on the market but also transforms into the most innovative and fun total body workout gym.


Easy to use, CrunchPunch makes a great addition to any home gym, office fitness center or commercial gym


The CrunchPunch system comes in a basic model which includes the punch pads. Additional attachments are available for purchase and our CrunchPunch team is currently developing new attachments.


If you, like millions of others, struggle to find a workout that is challenging and fun, but also requires minimal effort yet delivers lasting results, with the support of other individuals, look no further. Our highly experienced team of health and fitness professionals have created a system that delivers so much more than a six-pack:

  • Stress Relief: Boxing has been proven to aid in releasing pent up both physical and mental stress!

  • Happiness: Working towards a challenging and fulfilling goal leads to increased contentment and confidence. CrunchPunch gives you a simple system to work towards your fitness goals and improve your life!

  • Coordination: Develop your hand-eye coordination with CrunchPunch. Perfect your aim with jabs and punches, and you’ll see these skills carry over to other sports and activities.

  • Fat Burning: Boxing has long been recognized as one of the most intense workouts. Combine it with crunches and you’ve got a fat-burning machine! Plus the CrunchPunch targets the lower belly — an area where most people struggle to lose fat.

  • High-Intensity Workout: Over time, intense workouts enhance endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, and agility. These are important skills to help you excel in any sport.

    Bottom line: the more you CrunchPunch, the happier, healthier, and stronger you get!


    The basic model of the CrunchPunch System is “Evolution Ready,” meaning they will be compatible with new attachments from JusBFit— there are additional ones that are currently in development and the ones we haven’t even thought of yet.


    We are also working on the attachments for the home version as well!


    In addition to ongoing upgrades to the CrunchPunch system, we at JusBFit are hard at work developing even more fitness devices, to help us achieve our mission: we want to establish ourselves as an innovative company creating a social experience that makes getting—and staying in shape straightforward and fun!

    We’re also planning to launch a fitness-based platform that allows our team members exclusive access and interaction with our CrunchPunch team along with chances to win gear, training sessions with fitness celebs/athletes, and the list goes on. We are also working on a series of instructional DVDs and other materials that will provide our customers with ongoing fitness and nutrition advice, deepening our commitment to providing total fitness lifestyle solutions.

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Weight30 oz
Dimensions24 × 29 × 10 in


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