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About Our Retail Partner Program

We consider our retail partners to be a part of JusBFit. We view each store as a store of our own and want to see its success. Assisting in any way we can to make a store successful not only strengthens the bond we have with our partners but also enhances the chance that we can put our JusBFit equipment in the hands of every customer. Success for you means success for us.

How We Support Our Stores

As a benefit of being a JusBFit Retail Partner, we put a certain percentage of your order* with us towards marketing your store in your area. Amongst our marketing tools include Google Ads, social media marketing, advertising mail, and more! We also will personally work with any of our stores in order to fulfill their needs and the needs of any larger buyers they may bring to the table.

Who Have We Partnered With Already?

Play It Again Sports has been our #1 retail chain partner for over 3 years. We sell our products in 32 of their locations and are continually looking to expand this list with them. Being a retail partner means that we treat you as one of our own and look to bring support and success in any way we can. Our Partnership with BCoaching180 has helped bring our marketing promise to life with dedicated support for all of our marketing services.